Wednesday, March 26, 2014

6 Things to Know about Formula Drift

1. What is drifting?

Drifting is a driving technique in which a driver breaks the rear wheels out of a gripping position and counter-steers the vehicle around a course or track.

Formula drifting is when you drift according to a line designated by a panel of judges, through a marked course. The line is the best drifting path according to the judges as it provides the highest speed and angle the car is capable of handling.

2. How do they qualify?

32 drivers can qualify and qualifying is in a knockout format. The drivers complete one run on the track in order of their current rank in the Championship. The top 16 divers are placed in the tandem bracket by qualifying rank. The bottom 16 spots are filled by the rest of the field completing a second run. The higher of the two scores is the score the driver keeps and the remaining 16 spots are filled accordingly.

Qualifying scoring is done by three judges who are assigned to three criterions: Line, Angle, and Style. The maximum possible score is 100 points. Points are allotted as followed:

Line Judge: maximum of 25 points + up to 5 Style points = max of 30 points
Angle Judge: maximum of 25 points + up to 5 Style points = max of 30 points
Style Judge: maximum of 30 points
Speed: maximum of  10 points 

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3. What is the format?

After qualifying the 32 drivers are paired in a bracket according to Championship rank and qualifying round points and compete in tandem elimination rounds.

The tandem elimination rounds consist of two runs in head-to-head format. There is a Lead car and a Chase car. The lead car must drift the course according to the speed, line, angle, and style as defined by the judges. The chase car must drift according to the lead car.

4. How are they judged?

There is a panel composed of three judges: Andy Yen, Ryan Lanteigne, and Brian Eggert. The judges look at four criteria when judging:

Speed (measured at specific points)
Angle (the maximum drift angle the driver can maintain and control their vehicle on the course)
 Line (how close are they to drifting the ideal line/path)
Style/Impact (the driver’s flair. how they exhibit their personal driving style)

5. How do they win?

The three judges observe both runs during the tandem elimination round. No scores are declared between the two runs. After the two runs, the judges select from three options:
- Driver “A” wins
- Driver “B” wins
- “One More Time”

The majority will rule and the winner is decided. If there is no clear majority a “One More Time” will be granted and another 2 run head-to-head begins. Multiple “One More Times” may be needed to determine the winner. The remaining driver from the tandem elimination bracket of 32 is the winner.

6. How do I come watch?
Formula Drift Championship Round 3 at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Friday May 30: 12:00pm
Saturday May 31: 7:00pm

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