Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Top 15 Moments from the 2015 NASCAR Media Tour

Top 10 Moments from the 2015 NASCAR Media Tour

1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. began his remarks at the Roush Fenway Racing press conference by saying: 

"I am just here so I won't get fined." He, of course, was kidding.

2. This NASCAR on NBC commercial for the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season:

3. Carl Edwards on his transition to Joe Gibbs Racing: 

"The part that makes me the most confident is having (crew chief) Darian (Grubb) in that group heading up the car, because it's not like a new car, new driver and a new crew chief. It's basically the (Hamlin) shop team and road crew and me just being plugged in as a driver, so there is less change."

4. Tony Stewart on a new year: 

"When they counted down 2014, I was never so happy to see that number off the calendar. I'm ready to put the last two years behind me and never look back. I'm not looking in the mirror, I'm not talking about it, I'm not thinking about it. I'm going back to being me again."

5. Brian Vickers on his return to NASCAR after having a patch replaced that repaired a hole in his heart in 2010: 

"If I had won a championship already maybe I would have had different thoughts. But I really want to win a championship. And I just love what I do... I thought to myself, five years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, if the choice is yours and you make the choice not to come back racing, which do you have the potential to regret more? Not giving it another go and now working out? For me, that answer was clear: The answer was I had to give it another go."

6. Brain France on the new Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup:

"It was overwhelmingly popular with the most important stakeholders - our fans. The research that we have gotten in over the winter determines that loud and clear. They like the fact that it tightened up competition, they liked the drama down the stretch, they liked the emphasis on winning, and one of the things they told us that they really liked is the idea that we weren't going to change anything. They strongly suggested that we didn't, and we aren't going to."

7. Trevor Bayne on his new ride with Roush Fenway Racing in the Sprint Cup Series:

"I think Roush Fenway Racing is turning a corner and hopefully we turn it pretty fast here and we can go and contend for some wins this year."

8. 'Bad' Brad Keselowski on what some would call his 2014 season:

"You get in a wreck and fight racing for 20th, that doesn't make SportsCenter. You get in a wreck and a fight with a previous champion racing for a championship and going for a win, you are probably doing the right things."

9. Chase Elliott, on his new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ride taking over the No. 24 when Jeff Gordon finishes his final full season:

"Mr. Hendrick called me the day Jeff made his announcement and told me it was going to happen. Then he called me back to say he wanted me to be the guy to fill that role... I don't think you can replace Jeff Gordon in any way." 

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the 2015 season:

"I didn't even know I could have this much fun. Last year, I felt like a kid. I had the same feeling I had when I would drive down to Myrtle Beach with my Late Model. We were just on top of the world having so much fun."

11. Joey Logano lost his wedding ring: 

"I'm already on my second ring, but it's still the same girl. It's in the bottom of a creek in Costa Rica somewhere."

12. Clint Bowyer on being a new parent: 

"It's not been normal. He s*** his pants the other night and it was the most not normal thing I've ever seen in my life. I was gagging and she's (wife Lorra) laughing at me and I'm like 'You gotta get in here! It's horrible!' And he's (son Cash) just sitting there laughing. And that's everything that every parent goes through, and everybody says those are the good years. God almighty, I don't want to see a bad year."

13. Crew Chief Ray Evernham's most embarrassing moment as Jeff Gordon's crew chief at the 1998 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, then known as 'The Winston': 

"We were leading and led the whole thing, had a fast car, and I was so concerned about weight I didn't want to put any gas in. They had one extra restart and we ran out of gas. I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life!"

14. Kyle Larson on his 2015 Championship goals:

"We are capable of definitely being a top-10 car each week, winning at least two races, making the Chase and going for the championship. Those are pretty realistic goals."

15.  Jeff Gordon on not retiring the No. 24:

"I love the No. 24. I want to see the 24 go on to do great things. I did say if Chase was really adamant or (his dad) Bill and Chase and (his mom) Cindy all felt like that another number was more suited, that I was open to it. But I think our fans want to see the 24 continue on with the right person and be successful with the right guy, and he's the right guy."

And just for fun, "Bad Lip Reading", NASCAR style.