Wednesday, November 20, 2019


As the 2019 Ford Championship Weekend concluded at Homestead-Miami Speedway this weekend, the Speedway brought Miami flavors to the track. With new enhanced fan experiences, which include dthe all-new iHeartMedia Fan Village and the Infield Party at Ally Beach, the innovations present a little taste of the 305.

New in 2019 was the Wynwood style walls inside the iHeartMedia Fan Village. The walls represent the art culture of the Miami community that has risen in the last decade.

The Wynwood Art District in Miami has become known as one of South Florida’s premier attractions. The Wynwood region in Miami is surrounded by murals and paintings as well as one of the most popular fashion districts in the United States.

Wynwood was previously the home to many Caribbean immigrants at the end of the 20th century. Since then, the area has evolved and is now home to more than 400 businesses as well as over 200 murals. NASCAR fans got to see a glimpse of the artwork for the first time this weekend.

Homestead-Miami Speedway is South Florida’s epicenter of racing but has always incorporated some sort of connection with art. Founder Ralph Sanchez wanted to implement the South Florida culture to the Speedway. The Speedway was painted with Art Deco colors and the color of the track’s walls is Gay Greenstone, a color that was selected by Sanchez to make the cars look faster and help the paint schemes standout.

Miami is known for its vibrant colors. Many of the people that visit the region envision those colors, and in past decade there have been a few examples of local Miami sports teams adding the colors to their brand.

Recently, the Miami Heat began their “Miami Vice Nights” campaign, implementing the popular Miami Vice colors into their uniforms. The Miami Marlins rebranded with their “Our Colores” campaign which also displays the popular Miami colors. Now, Homestead-Miami Speedway showcased these vibrant shades at their beautiful facility.

Many artists including local, national, and international painters, were at the Speedway displaying their talents. Much of the artwork provided fans with paintings that tie to their South Florida roots.

An artist that made an appearance at Homestead-Miami Speedway was Miami’s own Adam Atomik. Atomik grew up in Miami and is known for his famous iconic orange character. The Miami native began painting that symbol after the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl in 2008 and has traveled to several countries and left his stamp of the orange character.

Another artist who grew up in Sicily, Italy and now lives in Miami is Claudia La Bianca. La Bianca, moved to Miami in 1997 and seven years later after - her brother passed away - she applied to the New York Film Academy. Coming from a family of artists, La Bianca now has a painting in almost every corner of Wynwood, and she went from struggling to sell pieces to selling them now for more than $4,000.

“I never thought I would create a mural at the NASCAR track and I'm super extra excited and ready,” La Bianca said. “I relate to NASCAR at another level, I feel in my work I'm like one of those NASCAR cars racing and speeding for victory. Excuse my honesty, but I play to win and I'm ready to rock the mural!”

For most of these artists, it was their first time promoting their artwork during a NASCAR race weekend, as Homestead-Miami Speedway unveiled the iHeartMedia Fan Village. Along with the beautiful artwork, this area featured a video game trailer featuring NASCAR Heat 4 as well as a Hooters sports bar, food stands, live music, and driver appearances on the new BIG 105.9 Entertainment Stage.

The Speedway continues to enhance the trend that other sports are initiating and has added a more interactive fan experience to their venue.