Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy National Doughnut Day!

It's National Doughnut Day! 

While it is customary to eat delicious glazed, sprinkled, or jelly-filled doughnuts on this holiday, we at Homestead-Miami Speedway like to indulge in a different type of "donut", NASCAR-style:

1. The 'Just Won the Championship' Donut

2. The 'Twisted Cruller' Donut

In case you didn't know, a cruller is a twisted doughnut made from a long rectangle of pastry, sometimes resulting in a straight-lined doughnut.

3. The Glazed Donut

This is one of the more typical donuts, complete with white smoke and usually leaves a trail of tires on the track.

4. The Finish Line Donut

A donut so good, you'll feel like you've just crossed the Start/Finish line P1.

5. The Patriot Donut


6. The 'Jeff-Jelly' Filled Donut

Filled with that delicious yellow smoke that can only come from a Jeff Gordon victory.

7. The Double Donut

Because sometimes, you just need two.

8. The 'Mile-High' Donut

Thanks to the Navy Parachute team before the 2011 Ford 400, we even got a donut in the sky!

9. The Classic Donut

Nothing says 'classic' like your sixth Championship donut.