Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Here at Homestead-Miami Speedway we are always looking for different ways to be involved in the community and help the development of all young people. Through various programs such as “Driving for a Cause,” which raises funds to support charitable organizations in South Florida that focus on education and youth development, and “Racing to Read,” which encourages the importance of reading for students, we have been able to reach out to the community and help develop the next generation of youth.

In continuing our efforts of enabling and inspiring young people, at the beginning of this month we launched Homestead-Miami Speedway’s youth field trip program that provides groups of students a full-scale educational experience at the track. The field trip program is based off NASCAR’s Acceleration Nation, the sport’s first-ever national learning and entertainment platform created just for kids.

Thus far, we have hosted more than 175 elementary and middle school students from across the South Florida community, including four students groups located in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The field trip program, in conjunction with NASCAR Acceleration Nation, works to educate groups of children in the South Florida community through the different sciences taught in school, specifically STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. The content focuses on teaching the key aerodynamic principles in racing—Drag, Downforce and Drafting, the NASCAR Three D’s of Speed. To help the kids further understand and visualize the principles, the curriculum includes interactive activities and games, giving the kids the ability to craft their own simulators.

In addition to the educational elements exhibited in the classroom, the field trip program features a track tour through the Speedway’s Victory Lane, car garages and media center. Also throughout the tour, the kids are educated on the basics of NASCAR and the history of Homestead-Miami Speedway. At the end of the tour, the groups are given a ride around the championship track in their own vehicle.

Homestead-Miami Speedway’s youth field trip program is year-round and is geared for young people 
eight years and over. We welcome all student groups and children organizations to partake in this unique learning experience. For those interested, please e-mail Stephanie Gonzalez-Solis at for more information.