Thursday, September 19, 2019


Snapshot from NASCAR Heat 4

NASCAR Heat 4 was released on September 13, 2019. After the release of the trailer, gamers were excited about the improvements. Heat 4 made major changes to further the success of the game series. Improvements included: a track map, new unlockable paint schemes, dynamic user interface, more driving control options, deeper career mode, drafting features, and track updates. Not only did they add new features they did a complete overhaul of all graphics and audio packages, as well as improved the AI.

“[NASCAR Heat] 4 is way better in a number of aspects, AI, graphics, sound, racing physics, customization of setups and settings, but falls short on consistency between classifications on cars” states racing fan, Harrison Marchese.

While the improvements outweighed the flaws, they did still make an impact on the users’ experience. Marchese went on to describe how Heat 4 differed from Heat 3 in both good and bad ways. While Heat 3 didn’t allow for much drafting, Heat 4 added many aspects to it, such as side drafting, drafting indicator, disturbance of air on the front of the car, and essentially creating a teammate when linking with another car to work together. The way users interacted with each other did affect many of the races.

The user interface also changed for Heat racers. With the improved AI experience, users can determine how they’ll treat other users, creating a more aggressive and competitive environment. The experience also gave more of a realistic feeling when racing. Now, you can feel the tracks more such as rougher tracks feeling a bit more difficult and the grooves change throughout the course of a race. Even the restarts feel more realistic as cars are packed better and not scattered as they were in Heat 3. The addition of the map on the bottom left also allowed users to be able to determine their placement in the race – this was a fan favorite. Overall the user interface was a hit.

The new game didn’t disappoint users, that’s for sure. “Things got a lot better, the changes implemented were a big help to the way the game is played” stated Heat racer, Clayton Juel. A Steam user, President John McAfee, even goes on to say “This is, without a doubt, the best NASCAR Heat game so far. Everything done with the game has been steps in the right direction.” 

Overall, NASCAR HEAT 4 was a huge success with 70% positive ratings on Steam and 93% positive reviews from Google users.

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